KG International 2003

The KGOC-GB club has their largest annual event in June called the KG International. It usually attracts 50-75 KGs and only 4-5 T34s, but this year was their 21st anniversary so it was supposed to be a big affair. Jon House & I decided to fly over and participate, meet the T34 owners we'd emailed over the past 15 years, and have some fun.

Our first adventure was to visit Clive & Janet Richardson just south of London in an area called Tonbridge. They currently has three T34s at his home: Janet's 1965 346, Clive's 1966 344, and a 1968 Automatic rusty parts car. We stayed with them overnight and their 1850's home, relaxed in their beautiful backyard garden, and even took a nice drive to their local pub. Jon drove Clive's 344 racer and I drove Janet's 346. Driving along the thin roads & blind corners takes some getting used to! Jon was able to find a couple parts for his restoration hiding in Clive's garage. Janet drives her 346 daily and really loves it! When she came home Friday from the grocery, she pulled in, closed the electric sunroof, unloaded the bags from the front compartment, locked it up, and drives it like a regular car ... my idea of the perfect woman!
the Richardson's home in Tonbridge one happy man

Then we rented a rental car (Vauxhall Omega) and drove west towards Derek & Glenys Frow in Bath. On the way we saw Stonehenge which was built 5000 years ago ... think about it. We stayed with the Frows overnight and then took a tour of old Bath the next morning. Bath is the site of the Roman baths built before the time of Christ! Derek has three KGs (restored 1960 T14 Cabriolet, restored T14 1973 Coupe, & an unrestored 1963 T34 Coupe) and both of his T14s have been featured in KG books.

From Bath we headed northwest to Oxford University and then on to Andy & Theresa Holmes place in Maids Moreton near Milton Keynes. They live in a modern home with two-car garage in a very old neighborhood with a church built in the 1400's! Andy's got two T34s: a mint condition restored 1965 344 and an unrestored early-1962 Coupe. The 1965 is one of the top T34s in the world and has been featured in the Essential KG book by Lawrence Meredith. We checked out his new/old 1962 & literature collection, spent the night, and in the morning (after a fantastic English Sunday Brunch) headed off for the KG Intl weekend in central England. Andy tossed me the keys and allowed us to take his 1965 on the 400+ mile journey to the Peak District ... an entirely unexpected surprise! It rained for the majority of the 5-hour drive but the T34 handled it without any problems. Jon & I were giddy with happiness and awe-struck at the quality & condition of Andy's 1965. Andy & Theresa & Sophie drove in their Porsche 911SC and we arrived by about 7pm at the Snake Pass Inn.
the Holmes home two very happy guys! new early promo pic

Inside the Snake Pass Inn (host hotel) there were already 20 KG enthusiasts in the pub drying off & wetting their throats with local English pints. Daniel Baum from Israel, Clive & Janet Richardson, Derek & Glenys Frow, Stephen Wright, and many others were happy to see us. After dinner we checked into our B&B and slept soundly. What a long day!
Andy & Theresa & Sophie Holmes Lee, Clive, Stephen Wright, Daniel Baum, Janet, & Jon Derek & Glenys Frow & German friends Mike Shaw & Mike Kelly Pub scene with Jon, Clive, & Stephen John Figg's 1959 Cabrio & Jon Bed & Breakfast in Padfield

Saturday morning came too quickly and we met the other drivers back at the hotel for a 55-mile cruise. About 35 KGs (six T34s) joined the cruise and off we went. Tight one-lane roads with cars parked on either side made driving tricky and scary at times. Jon & I took turns between driving the T34 and the Porsche and Daniel drove the Matthews' 1965, and we all had a blast! Stopped for a coffee break at England's highest point then continued driving thru the valleys & passes & tiny 17th Century townships. We finally ended up at the historic Lyme Park for the judging & lunch. The six T34s were: Pascal Orluz's Pearl White & Black 1964 343, Andy Holmes' Roulette Green & White 1965 344 (75K miles restored), Janet Richardson's Smoke Gray & White 1965 346 (55K miles restored), Dave Matthews' Smoke Gray & White 1965 344 (28K miles unrestored), Graham Filmer's Black 1967 344 from Scotland (owned for 20 years), and Mark Poulton's Gobi Beige & Black 1968 344 (46K miles).
During the show we moved the T34s into one line for a photo in this beautiful scene!
Theresa, Sophie, & Jon T34 owners & drivers Jon driving the 28K-mile 1965 Model 344

Andy Holmes' 75K-mile 1965 Model 344 is simply perfect or as close to perfect as a T34 can get!
Check out the pics and you'll agree, everything is restored to exacting standards with high-quality results.
Flawless original paint color with original roof paint, with original seats & panels. Blaupunkt radio, tow hitch, mud flaps, & reverse light are accessories.

Dave Matthews' 28K-mile 1965 Model 344 is an original unrestored masterpiece! Amazing ... take a look.
Everything as it was and all in very good condition with original interior, paint, engine, and mint condition compartments.

Mark Poulton's 46K-mile 1968 Model 344 is also a very well done late-model T34 with some very nice accessories.
"Dapper" VDO tach, wood steering wheel, & custom period rims give this rarity a special look.
Mark is currently restoring a 1967 Electric Sunroof too!

Saturday night was the awards banquet and everyone met for dinner at the Snake Pass Inn. Winners were:
Best T34 = Mark Poulton's 1968
Best Early T34: 1st = Andy Holmes' 1965 & 2nd = Dave Matthews' 1965
Best Late T34: 1st = Mark Poulton's 1968 & 2nd = Graham Filmer's 1967
Most Original T34: Dave Matthews' 28K-mile 1965
The T34 Registry donated 5 awards, postcards, & tshirts this year to make it special. After dinner we got locked out of our B&B and were forced to sit in the local pub & drink!

On Sunday we had a late breakfast and then headed out for another 50-mile cruise, this time ending up at the historic Derwent Dam. Parking was on the grass in front of the dam for some outstanding photos! Lunch was provided and the T34 owners all sat & ate in the lovely British sunshine. And everyone took off for home after lunch.

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