Pure T34 is a niche group of serious T34 owners interested in stock restorations. It is a private group and members must either be invited or prove their intentions before being granted access. The idea was borne from the need of specialized information and dedicated work that stock restorations must go to for a successful restoration. There is no fee for membership, just the desire for authenticity.

What qualifies as "stock"? The easiest answer is "as close as possible to the way your T34 rolled off the Karmann factory floor when it was built". But it's easier to specify what DOESN'T qualify: Custom rims, custom interiors, lowered stance, big engines & exhausts, non-stock paint colors, and modern radios are all features of non-stock T34s. These items detract from the authentic restoration as well as take valuable time & money away from authentic restoration concerns.

The Pure T34 group will be more concerned with the right color of headliner material for a 1964, more concerned about where to source the correct front hood seal, and serious about locating the original German paint code for Ruby Red. They will want to know who makes the most authentic carpet kit and how much it costs. They'll need to know what speedo is correct for the early-1965 small-diameter dash. They'll want to see the step-by-step process of restoring a fuel tank.

So this group is not intended to be for every T34 owner, but rather a select group of owners that will promote & encourage the serious stock restoration of T34s into the future. It's about details and authenticity and perfection for those owners that want the very best advice from T34 owners that care about originality.

What's unique about this group? This site features detailed information not available anywhere else. Step by step restoration tips available as PDF printer-friendly files. Accurate parts sources, pricing, & tips for purchasing. Advice on what to look for when buying a T34 as well as free evaluations on specific T34s you may be interested in buying. Advertisements for the best T34s for sale with evaluations & detailed photos. A focused email discussion group for quick answers to your specific questions from experienced T34 owners that have done the work before. Authenticity references so you'll learn exactly what your T34 needs to look 100% authentic. Insurance appraisals once your T34 is completed. And unique regalia items (tshirts, posters, calendars, postcards, coffee mugs) to make your hobby more fun.

How do you get to be a member of Pure T34? Simple, either Lee will contact you directly with an invitation to join or another Pure T34 member will recommend a new member to be approved. Or you can email LeeHedges@PureT34.org for more info.