Authenticity: Dash Knobs

There are five different styles of dash knobs fitted to T34s over the years.


Retrofit Plate
Dealer installed 1962-64
with Beetle knobs

Ivory Domed Knobs
Late-1964 to 1966

Black Plain
1967 one year only

Black Standard Knobs

There are three different styles of cigar knobs over the years: ivory, black plain, & black icon.

Early Ivory Style
1962-64 in the low position

Late Ivory Style
1965-66 in the high position

Black Plain Style

Black Icon Style

Push-button units were used on all Type III models from 1962-64.
Ivory pull knobs were used on Karmann Ghia models from late-1964 through 1966.
The one-year-only black 1967 knobs were also used on Beetles, Karmann Ghias, & Type 3 mdoels.
The standard rubber knobs with icon inserts were also used on all Volkswagen models.