The Pure T34 discussion group is a feature that allows Pure T34 members to share information related to stock T34 restorations. It's designed to be a focused group of Pure T34 members that want quick answers to important questions from T34 owners that are experienced in T34 restorations.

SIGNING-UP: We're using GoogleGroups now, so you'll need to become a Google member first. Click here to register for Google & then the PureT34 e-group. Members must agree to discuss stock-related issues within this group and promote the original T34 feeling. We average about 3-4 emails per week unless an active topic gets members talking.

SENDING EMAILS: To send emails to this group (after you are confirmed) send your email to and the email will automatically be distributed to all PureT34 members. Emails are received within 15 seconds of sending, so we can have realtime discussions.
PHOTOS: Photos can be attached to your emails (if smaller than 100K, but larger pics will be automatically stripped).

REMOVAL: If you'd like to be removed from this group, send an email to and you will be removed within a couple hours.