Authenticity: Door Panels

There are three different styles of door panels: two-tone, early monotone, & late monotone.

Early "Two-Tone" Style

Early "Monotone" Style

Late "Monotone" Style

The early "two-tone" style lower portion was available in solid vinyl or cloth which matched the seats.
The main difference between the early monotone (1965-66) & late monotone (1967-69) were the number of seamed lines (early had 6 vs. late with 4) in the upper portion of the panel. The later panels had an open space at the top section.
The aluminum trim strip at the bottom of the panels was "pointed" (1962-66) then "rounded" (1967-69) to match the style of the upper pad trim.
The armrest handle area was "open" (1962-65) then "closed" (1966-69).