Authenticity: Gauges

There are many different styles of instrument gauges fitted to T34s over the years. But there are two sizes of speedometers, two colors of needles, and two colors of center knobs. The early years (1962-64) had small speedos, red needles, & bronze center knobs. The middle years (1965-66) had large speedos, white needles, & bronze center knobs. And the late years (1967-69) had large speedos, white needles, & silver center knobs. There were also MPH and KPH speedometers with different numbering schemes. Take a look at the pics for clarification.


Early-1962 KPH
150kph amber needle & bronze knob

1962-63 MPH
90mph red needles & bronze knobs

1962-63 KPH
150kph red needle & bronze knob

1964 MPH
100mph red needle & bronze knob

1964 KPH
160kph red needle & bronze knob


1965-66 MPH
White needles & bronze knobs
Typical 10/30/50/70/100 increments

Unique 1965
White needle & bronze knob
With tenths/mile odometer!

1965-66 unique
White needles & mixed knobs
Strange 100mph with 10mph increments!

White needles & mixed knobs
Some came with mixed gauges

1967-69 KPH
White needle & silver knob
Typical 10/30/50/70/100 increments

Late-1969 KPH
White needles & silver knobs
Unique tenths/km odometer!

Authentic T34 tachometers were VDO and had a notch cut-out of the top-back of the gauge. None were sold through dealerships as accessories. And there are several different versions of reproduction tachometers.

Authentic Early VDO Tach
6000rpm, red needle & bronze knob
Back has cut section

Authentic Late VDO Tach
6000rpm, white needle & bronze knob

Repro Tach (Tim Dapper)
7000rpm bronze tach
with colored redline area

Repro Tach (Tim Dapper)
7000rpm bronze tach
with colored redline area

Repro Tach (Gossen)
6000rpm bronze tach
closest to stock

Repro Tach
8000rpm bronze tach
2003 reproduction

Repro Tach (Tim Dapper)
7000rpm silver tach
with colored redline