KG 50th Anniversary Weekend
Georgsmarienhütte, Germany, 14-17 July 2005

A new world record for "most T34s at one event" was set at 44 T34s (smashing the 1998 record of 32)!
T34 owners drove from Germany, France, England, Belgium, USA, Italy, & Luxemborg.

Here are some of the best stock/original T34s of the 44 at the event (from several T34 sources that were there):
Unrestored 32K-mile Pearl White 1962 Coupe from Germany owned by Johannes Krasenbrink

Unrestored 28K-mile Anthracite & Pearl White 1963 Manual Sunroof from Germany owned by Jörg Fischer

Restored Emerald & Blue-White 1963 Electric Sunroof from Germany owned by Tobias Ebner

Unrestored 77K-km Ruby Red 1964 Coupe from Germany owned by Manfred Heil

Unrestored 97K-km Lotus White 1966 Coupe with Pigalle interior from Germany owned by Michael Neumann

52K-km unrestored Toga White 1969 Coupe from Germany