Authenticity: Scripts & Emblems

The easiest way to identify the year of a T34 is to look at the rear scripts.

Early 1962
KG on rear panel, not decklid
Unique 1500 script without tabs

Late-1962 & 1963
VOLKSWAGEN above 1500
Common 1500 script with tabs

S script added below 1500

Unique VW1600 script

Unique VW1600L script

Front emblems didn't change much over the years. There are two styles, rectangular & round. The rectangular emblem was only fitted to the early-1962 T34s. All other T34s were fitted with the round emblem, identical to the T14 KG emblem.

Early 1962
Unique to T34

Late-1962 thru 1969
Common to T14
The rectangular emblem came with a black rubber seal.
The round emblem came with a clear round seal that fit in the hollowed underside of the emblem.

The early-1962 models also had a unique side script combination. There was a 6-inch KARMANN script with a small 1-inch tall Ghia cloissinae shield.

Early 1962
KARMANN script & Ghia shield

Mounted on lower right fender (Coupes)
and lower left fender (Cabriolets)