Authenticity: Sunvisors

There are four different variations of sunvisors over the years: 1962-64, 1965, 1966, & 1967-69.

The 1962-64 years was a colorful era and featured two color variations for the sunvisors, brackets, & clips: Ice Blue & Silver-Beige.
The Ice Blue visors were used on Sea Blue, Pacific, & Polar Blue body colors with the Ice Blue, Cerulean Blue, and Turquoise interior combinations. All the other colored T34s had the Silver-Beige visors.

In 1965 the visor & clips changed from Silver-Beige to Cloud White, but the styling remained the same.

In 1966 the visors & arms changed, a vanity mirror was added into the passenger side visor, the brackets changed to a flat design instead of the rounded style of previous years.

The late-model years (1967-69) had a driver's side map pocket in the visor to complement the vanity mirror. All were Cloud White.

There are six chromed Phillips screws (B 4.2 x 16mm, countersunk raised head) used for each T34: four for the brackets and two for the visors. The visor screws each have a chromed collar.

Ice Blue brackets

Ice Blue bracket top

Ice Blue bracket under

Ice Blue set

Silver-Beige brackets (1962-64)

Visor screw & collar

Silver-Beige bracket parts

Silver-Beige visor clips

Bracket screw

1965 Cloud White left

1965 Cloud White right

Silver-Beige set

1966 Set in Cloud White

1966 passenger vanity mirror

Flat bracket

Flat bracket & new arm

1967-69 left map pocket

1967-69 right vanity mirror