Step-by-Step Tips

This section features the detailed restoration steps for various parts. The documents are PDF files (requiring Adobe Acrobat/Reader) to visualize. They are printer-friendly formatted, so you can take them into the garage for reference.

Front Hood Drain Tube Replacement

Adjusting Rear End Height

Short Black Coil Restoration

Installing In-Line Fuel Filters

Fuel Tank Restoration (inside & out)

Steering Box Adjustment

Authentic Replacement Carpet Kit

Door Check Strap Replacement

Dash Gauge Seals Replacement

Door Disassembly

Door Window & Seals Assembly

E-Brake Restoration

Rear Script Installation

Dual Side Mirror Conversion

Head & Fog Light Reflector Restoration

Lug Nut & Brake Drum Restoration

Door Seal Restoration

Turn Signal Lever Replacement

Engine Trapdoor Insulation Restoration