Recently Sold T34s

These T34s were sold recently and should be used for comparison purposes to establish value based on condition & location.

Sea Blue early-1962 Coupe
$14,900 to Belgium Sep07
1962 Coupe
New York USA
$950 Mar05
1962 Coupe
Oregon USA
$3400 Jan05
White 1962 Coupe
Ohio USA

Pearl White & Black 1963 Coupe
Virginia USA

1963 Coupe (100K miles)
Seattle, Washington USA
$5800 Mar04 to New York

1963 Cabriolet
Stuttgart, Germany
$45,000 Apr05 to Germany

1963 Coupe
Carlsbad, CA USA
$8500 Jun05 to Northern California

1963 Coupe (54K miles)
Iowa USA
$3700 Apr07 to Michigan

1964 RHD Coupe
$5054 May04 on eBay

1964 Electric Sunroof
Central California USA
$1400 May05 to San Diego, CA

1964 Electric Sunroof
California USA
$2550 Jul06 on eBay

1965 Coupe (113K miles)
Arizona USA
$4000 Nov04 to Germany

1965 Coupe (140K miles)
Southern California USA
$12,500 Jul08 to Maryland

1965 RHD Sunroof (85K miles)
Leeds, England
$6400 Apr04 to Carlsbad, CA

1965 Coupe
Oregon USA
$5500 Feb05 to Central CA

1965 Coupe
Utah USA
$3500 May07 to Tucson, AZ

Arcona White 1965 Coupe
Southern California
$10,500 to Oahu Hawaii in Oct08

1966 Coupe
Northern California, USA
$4900 Mar04

1966 RHD Coupe with Pigalle interior
Melbourne, Australia
$8286 Jul07 on eBay

Black 1966 Electric Sunroof
SOLD $25,000

1967 Coupe (44K miles)
Carlsbad, CA USA
$12,500 May07 to Newport Beach, CA

1967 Coupe
Karlsruhe, Germany
$5817 Jan05 eBay-Germany

1967 Coupe
Georgia, USA
$6600 Jan05 on eBay

Red 1968 Electric Sunroof
SOLD $6500

1968 Automatic Coupe (42K miles)
$10,350 in Mar06 on eBay

1969 Coupe (105K miles)
North Carolina, USA
$11,700 in Feb05 to Boston, MA